2s Nursery School Program

The following programs are offered for the 2s:

2 day 2s AM: 8:45-11:00 AM Monday & Tuesday
3 day 2s AM: 8:45-11:00 AM Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
2 day 2s PM: 12:15-2:30 PM Monday & Tuesday
3 day 2s PM: 12:15-2:30 PM Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

The teacher-child ratio is 1:6. Children must turn 2 by December 31st.

2s Curriculum

Emotional and Social Skills:

  • Successfully separates from parent or caregiver
  • Learns to enter into play with other children
  • Forms friendships
  • Develops listening skills
  • Moves from parallel play to group play
  • Begins to share, take turns

Physical Development/Fine Motor Skills:

  • Manipulates simple puzzles and pegs
  • Begins building with blocks
  • Engages in sensory activities (finger paint, playdough, sand and water)
  • Uses art tools (roller brush, stamps, crayons)

Physical Development/Gross Motor Skills:

  • Walks forwards, backwards, up and down stairs
  • Carries an object while walking
  • Runs, climbs, jumps turns
  • Becomes comfortable on the outdoor play equipment

Creative Expression

  • Sings songs
  • Creates artwork
  • Develops imaginative play

Cognitive Skills

  • Listens for 5 minutes in a group setting
  • Follows a 2-step direction
  • Recognizes name and responds to it
  • Begins to count
  • Recognizes three objects
  • Stays on task for several minutes
  • Emerging recognition of shapes, sizes and colors
  • Emerging conception of sorting
  • Recognizes family members
  • Stacks rings on pegs, nests cups in order
  • Matches and uses associated objects meaningfully
  • Recognizes self in mirror

Language and Literacy Development

  • Speaks in two or three word sentences
  • Labels objects
  • Responds to name
  • Develops conversation with teacher and classmates
  • Expresses needs, likes and dislikes
  • Answers yes and no questions
  • Listens to stories (especially repeated)
  • Says please and thank you

Self-Help Skills

  • Hangs up jacket and bookbag
  • Washes and dries hands
  • Drinks from a cup
  • Feeds self
  • Puts on and takes off jacket