About Reformed Church Nursery School

Play for young children is not recreation activity,…it is not leisure-time activity…Play is thinking for young children. It is language time. Problem solving time. It is memory time, planning time, investigating time. It is organization-of-ideas time, when the young child uses his mind and body and social skills and all his powers in response to the ‘world around him.’

James L. Hymes, Jr., child development specialist, author.

The early years are not only one of the most cherished periods of our children’s lives but also the most formative. each and every child is a unique gift that provides every one of us with the opportunity to grow as educators and as a school family.

Here at the Reformed Church Nursery School, our wonderful staff of teachers brings with them a wealth of experience in early childhood education. From block building, to fingerpainting, to planting flowers, to music and movement to sharing our snacks, stories and feelings… each day brings with it a new learning experience.

May this be the beginning of a an enriching journey of learning.

— Margaret Mangan Murtagh, Director