Age Group Curriculums

RCNS Age Group Curriculums

Play is the legitimate work of the child.
— Unknown

At RCNS our curriculum is  based on the philosophy that play is the legitimate work of every child. With a nurturing staff and low teacher:child ratios, our program provides a stimulating variety of individual and group experiences designed to promote and encourage exploration, discovery, creativity, self-confidence, and social interaction so that each child is a successful learner.
Together, we explore the world around us through music, math, writing, literature, science, art, cooking, creative movement and nature.  Playtime is scheduled year-round on our state of the art outdoor play areas as well as our indoor gyms, where children are grouped by age.

Through our Living Values curriculum, children learn to get along with one another, take turns, share, settle disagreements and work independently.  Each day the children experience the world around them, express their creativity, and enjoy activities that will help them become lifelong learners.

Our curriculum is ever-evolving based on the needs of our children and our own self-reflection, continuing education and evolving pedagogy.