Reformed Church Nursery School’s History, Mission & Philosophy

OUR HISTORY: As an outreach program of the Reformed Church of Bronxville, the Reformed Church Nursery School has nurtured the cognitive, emotional and social development of young children since its’ founding in 1951.

OUR MISSION: is to provide an early childhood education for the whole community, based on the developmental needs of every child. Special nurturing is given to all aspects of a child’s emergence as a human being with opportunities created for each child to develop self-esteem, individuality, compassion, care for others and our planet and intellectual curiosity in an atmosphere of warmth, order, discovery, mutual respect and joy.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: The Reformed Church Nursery School endorses a developmental, child-centered philosophy of education. Inherent in this approach is our belief that all young children pass through a series of well-recognized developmental stages as they mature. At each of these stages, the teaching methods and materials we choose to encourage and support the child’s growth are those which provide for the whole child-socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

Nursery school is a joyous time of discovery. Our purpose is to provide creative and challenging experiences that will encourage positive relationships, promote healthy curiosity, build children’s self-esteem and expose children to age-appropriate concepts that lay the foundation for successful school experiences in the later years.