Mommy & Me Nursery School Program

Mommy & Me Nursery School Program

Mommy & Me is offered once a week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. Children must be 18-24 months by December 31st.

Children and their parents enjoy a 90 minute program with circle time, reading time, play time, art time, snack time and music time. It is a wonderful way for parents and children to meet and play together in a warm, loving environment with our Mommy & Me teachers, Miss Kerry and Miss Claire.

Download the 2015-2016 Mommy & Me Application


Mommy & Me provides a wonderful chance for parent and child to spend quality time bonding together. A parent attends with their child each week (although we are open to seeing another family member once in a while too). Our experience has shown that an integral part of the success of this program is the unique opportunity it provides for parents and their children to engage in the planned activities with other parents and their children, in a warm and loving classroom environment with a lead teacher.


Mommy & Me runs from 9:30-11:00 am. Please be prompt! While the Tuesday class is our young group, we do have a busy 1 1/2 hours planned each week! You and your child will experience a “mini-day” at the nursery school. Each week we follow a schedule which includes an art project, music time, gym play, story, snack, and ample time for free play with the other children. This is a meaningful time for you and your child to play together, learn together and become part of our school family. For some of you, it will be your child’s first experience with a bigger group of children their age so it is important for us all to stay focused on the children. There is time to get to know the other parents, and to chat but this is a hands-on program. Come ready to play, get messy and work with your little one. With this in mind, both you and your child should wear comfortable, easily washable clothes and shoes. We do lots of running, movement, and playing each week.


We provide a healthy snack each week but love to celebrate holidays and birthdays. We serve water in throw- away cups that are age appropriate, however, since this is a young group, by all means bring a sippy cup if that is what your little one is using. There is a diaper changing station on the main floor of the school, as well as a nurse’s office down the hall from our classroom. Please keep extra diapers and a change of clothing with you in case you may need them. Cubby space is located outside the classroom to store coats and diaper bags each week.